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The Mohs and Plastic surgeons at the Carlton Skin Cancer Clinic have been performing skin cancer surgery for years. All of the Mohs surgeons are dermatologists who have completed fellowship training approved by the American College of Mohs Micrographic Surgery (ACMS), the most rigorous and highly recognized training available worldwide. The plastic surgeons are all board certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and also have extensive experience in skin cancer treatment, both on the body and face.

All of our staff are highly trained to manage your care while you are there, from the nurses to the laboratory team to the admin staff.



We offer a variety of services including plastic surgery. We know that an early and accurate diagnosis for your skin cancer is critical. We guarantee a two week wait from referral to diagnosis.


Question: When is it done?
Answer: Mohs Micrographic Surgery is not done as a routine procedure. For most routine skin cancers, simple cutting out (excision) or scraping is done. The patients who come for Mohs Surgery have been selected as having unusual or more difficult tumours because of their type, size, location, or failure of other techniques to produce a cure.
Question: How Long does it take?
Answer: It is unpredictable how complicated your surgery will be. Cancers may be present in skin, fat, muscle and, less frequently, in nerves, arteries, cartilage and bone. In more difficult cases, more time is required to remove all the cancer. It is not uncommon to stay for the full morning and part of the afternoon. Some patients will require less time, and some more. You should plan no other activities for the day.
Question: Will the surgery be painful?
Answer: A local anesthetic, usually lidocaine, is injected around the skin cancer to anesthetize the skin. A slight discomfort is experienced initially until the skin becomes numb. Once the numbness has begun, no discomfort is experienced. If additional removal is required, additional anesthetic may be injected to keep the area pain free. After the surgery is completed, most patients experience very little discomfort. Any pain after the procedure can usually be controlled with Tylenol or acetaminophen.

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